Healing With Horses Farm | Why Horses?


Horses help us by being the mirror or window to our present patterns and responses, if unhealthy, we can be aware of them, clear them and create new healthy ways of responding to our life changes and challenges. Horses help us the develop the ability to live in our authentic and true self.


The horses heart has the capacity to draw us into that loving space to create change. In other words they send heart waves to us that support us, teach us and make us feel safe to move toward positive change. It is nothing short of a miracle. Horses give people an 'aha' experience, often giving intuitive insights and clarity to thoughts and feelings. Horses do not come in with preconceived ideas. The healing and the lessons horses teach us are intensely personal and profound in that they point us to our greatest power that in turn can lead to permanent change.



Horses are one of the more powerful prey animals on earth. They use all their senses to maintain a keen awareness of the surroundings for their survival. They use their highly attuned skills of intuition to mirror their human friends' state of being. They show us what it is we need to look at.



No, horses do not read our minds, however horses do read us in other ways. Horses are prey animals and have a highly developed ability to respond to subtle changes in stance, muscle tension, breathing and the general arousal level of other horses and predators. Horses transfer this ability to people. Horses seem to tune into the primary obstacle standing in our way.



According to author Linda Kohanov's work with horses, fear of feeling blocks self knowledge and true connection. This feeling will leave if you treat emotions as information. To horses emotion is simply information. Horses read our subtle changes by the way we move, breathe and smell. Emotion functions are tangible energetic force like a sound or smell that travels through the air. Horses with a keen emotional sense can't be lied to or manipulated.



A horse is only comfortable when authentic feelings are acknowledged. The horse feels the incongruent expression (what we feel on the inside is the same as what we express on the outside) due to your body language. This could be a rise in blood pressure, muscle tension and emotional energy which is transmitted involuntarily.



Horses mirror the emotion being suppressed; they calm down when the person simply acknowledges the feeling - even if the emotion is still there - the horse will sigh, lick her lips. Horses help people become aware of how they communicate on every level – verbally, mentally, physically and emotionally. Congruent expression helps individuals deal with relationship and emotional issues. Horses offer instant feedback to changes. The immediate response of the horse guides people to change their behavior in response. That is why this process is so highly effective. We need to become familiar with our emotions that have been suppressed in our culture.



What the 'HeartMath Institute' study reveals about the power of the heart in humans. How do these findings relate to horses and humans?

HeartMath Institute Engineers performed a study about how human heart rates affect each other. By connecting two people to heart and brain monitors they examined energetic interactions between them. An important factor in the interactions was the people’s heart rhythms or “Heart Rate Variability patterns,” which look like wave forms. When they held hands, one persons heart beat could be measured in the others brain waves. In some cases when one of the people is in a loving or appreciative state their heart rhythms become what they call coherent and the two people’s heart rhythms became “entrained”. If the HeartMath® study works human to human, it may also work horse to human. Do our hearts become entrained with theirs when we are in the presence of a horse? At rest the horse’s heart rate is 26 – 50 beats per minute. This is much slower than a human’s heart rate of 70 – 75 beats per minute. Since a horse’s heart beats so much slower, can we lower our heart rate simply by standing in their presence? An occurrence that many people experience after they spend time with horses is they feel calmer. Is the end result for them a lower heart rate or a more coherent heart rhythm? Horses know instinctively how to stay in the optimal healthy heart rate zone and may be able to help us to do the same. When they aren’t being interfered with, horses are rarely stressed. They instinctively conserve energy for when they need it to engage in life saving activities - like running from predators. They don’t fabricate events to agonize over.

Although horses might not differentiate between various emotions as humans do, they may be reacting to changes in human heart rhythms. To be successful around horses, it is important to stay calm. We have all heard the saying “horses can smell fear”. I believe they can feel fear based on how they are experiencing the status of our heart rates. I’ve experienced a variety of emotions in the presence of different horses. Horses react to my unseen emotions and act them out for me. We cannot “see” emotions yet they affect the way we perceive our world and ourselves.

Openhearted communication between horse and human has the potential to promote self-healing by enhancing one’s ability to recognize emotional congruence. Energetic communication and more acute sensory awareness results when a heart-brain connection is made in the presence a horse. From this place-in-the-heart, we can experience a sense of love, gratitude and finally, the willingness to give up what doesn’t work in our lives without blaming ourselves, others, or our animal companions.

The potential of a greater production of electrical energy from the horse’s heart may also contribute to their natural healing abilities. According to Farokh S. Sadr, author of Heart Matters, a normal heart in an average sized person will pump 4 to 5 liters of blood per minute. He estimated that the energy required to pump blood at these rates is almost 5 watts of power per hour. Because of its greater size, it may be possible for the average horse heart to produce 65 watts of power per hour. How does it affect humans to be in the presence of this amplified electrical heart energy? (credit to Bonnie Treece - Horses Way Centre and the HeartMath Institute)

The heart of a horse is thirteen times larger by weight than the average man 


They do not toil over what happened yesterday or even five minutes ago. Many ancient and modern spiritual belief systems are based on "living in the present". Some of us spend a lifetime trying to embody this principal. Horses seem to demonstrate it effortlessly.

In the human body, the heart is the beginning point of communication that connects emotional and mental systems. Heart rhythms affect physical health, emotional health and mental acuity - all three of which can be enhanced or depleted on how the heart "thinks". The heart intuition we need to recapture comes from our thoughts, images or feelings. Anyone that has worked with horses from a compassionate perspective will tell you that horses think and "speak" in images. Their brain breaks down the images into different frequencies. They are so sensitive to unique frequencies being emitted by humans they decipher emotions in humans that may be displayed as an attitude shift or a minute change in posture. A shift in human posture, whether it is physical or emotional, may result in a perception shift on the horse's part. Quantum physics suggests this occurrence is possible. In the words of Dr. Wayne W.Dyer, "When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change". (credit to Bonnie Treece - Horse's Way Equestrian Centre)