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AddressCircling Hawk Farm
13433 Leslie Street
Richmond Hill, ON L4E1A2
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Healing with Horses Farm is located on the  Circling Hawk Farm property. Both Healing with Horses and Circling Hawk work in harmony. Circling Hawk provides the facilities, hay for the horses, and healing apiary products while Healing with Horses helps you create the change you want and to help you strengthen yourself to overcome life's challenges. Healing with Horses is enjoyable and enlightening it will empower you - whether you are dealing with personal or family issues, an illness or recovering from a stressful experience. 


Circling Hawk Farm is a family run apiary naturally growing honeybees producing pure healing honey and pollen. Circling Hawk care for a growing number of colonies of honeybees on the Circling Hawk property plus on a number of nearby properties all of which are located on the Oakridges Moraine. Sweet corn, garlic, blueberries, haskap, and top quality forage hay are also grown on the farm. For healing local apiary products please visit www.circlinghawkfarm.com

Healing with horses opens the door to wellness and facing life’s challenges from a place of calm and inner strength. Horses, due to their unique animal nature, act as mirrors for our inner selves. They provide opportunities for us to develop greater self-awareness, relieve stress, increase self-confidence, and improve relationships – both personally and professionally.

We are so pleased to announce that the National Media is discovering the Healing with Horses Farm!

CBC RADIO. A great way to find out what and how we do what we do is to check us out online on CBC Radio's How To DO It with Josh Bloch and Sarah TreLeaven. This weeks Radio Show has a great piece on the Healing Horse Farm - at around 14:00 minutes into the show:


The Toronto Star. Another insight into healing with Horses and the HWH Farm is a great article by Carola Vyhnak - "Horse Therapy helps people surmount obstacles" from August 26, 2013 edition - a picture of the headline is featured on the pics above. here is the link to the article:


Teenagers and Young Adults.....
Do you have a teenager or young adult that is troubled, disconnected or has a health problem? Anxiety, stress, depression, low self esteem, eating disorders, anger issues, ADD etc. At Healing with Horses Farm we have a successful program that has helped many teens and young adults live a happy well balanced life in their own unique way! We understand growing up can be a very challenging time.Our horses are truly loving, they certainly will not judge and they are accepting, patient and playful. We have also worked with our own teens with great success.

At Healing With Horses Farm our programs are not about riding or horsemanship - they are about working with our facilitators and horses in a beautiful and peaceful farm environment and experiencing inner healing, developing your resilience, your inner strength, your personal power, to a place of wellness. Together we can help you discover a calmer place inside you by developing a solution-focused approach to current problems and we make it a fun experience for all ages, individuals, families, couples and groups.

Our programs can help you:

  • Discover the obstacles to your success and happiness
  • Have more fulfilling and happier relationships
  • Enjoyable, Empowering and Enlightening Self Improvement
  • Enhance team synergy and effectiveness
  • Strengthen yourself to better deal with an illness or treatements that have weakened you.
  • Overcome a stressful experience and leave it behind you.
  • Let go of frustration and resentment Build your confidence
  • Get playfulness and joy back in your life

Healing with Horses Farm Programs are a fun and positive way to strengthen individuals, couples or families dealing with;
  • Family Issues/Breakups Medical Illness Cancer Recovery and weakening Cancer Treatments.
  • Stress from Serious Injuries/Accidents.
  • Stress/Mental Disorders Veterans with PTSD - Post Tramatic Stress Disorder
  • Eating Disorders, Sleeping Disorders
  • Anyone wanting to expand their awareness of self and grow

Please call Janine 647-927-4778 for more information or to schedule a consultation. Healing With Horses Farm is located 20 minutes north of Toronto on the beautiful, peaceful Circling Hawk Farm on Leslie south of Bloomington Side Road and next to the Toronto Polo Club.