Success Story #1


"After many years, and forms of healing, I have found the the healing with horses offered by Janine and Michele to be the most profound, direct and rewarding. And who knew! With my lifelong fear of horses , that it would here that I would receive the answers with such clarity to some of my most challenging issues. The result was immediate, joyful,and very reassuring. Through the teachings from this beautiful, powerful animal I finally understand clearly. I felt this horse this teaching and acceptance so generously with such a warm heart throughout my healing sessions."

Raine Davis - Participant


Success Story #2

  My name is Mya and I am 20 yrs old. A short time ago I found myself in a state of confusion, my life was pulling me in many different directions as so many things around me began to change. I was not in a healthy place at all and didn't even realize it. This is when I decided to seek help from the wonderful horses and facilitators at Healing with Horses Farm.The security of Janine's presence and calming words, combined with the strength and kindness of the horse made me open my eyes and heart to overcome what I needed to. Those incredible sessions and experiences have stuck with me and helped me ever since.

Mya Scott - Participant


Success Story #3

Hi Janine and Michele
I was just thinking about you guys, hoping all is well personally and
professionally. I just wanted to let you know that Kathy is doing so much
better.  She recently graduated from high school.  Through therapy (earlier
with your horses and throughout with Councelling)....her anxiety has
lessened.  She was able to make friends the final year at school...which she
continues to text.  In grade 12 she did co-op at a Montessori school. The
owner loved her. The kids loved her.  And mostly she loved it. At the owners
recommendation, Kathy is now doing a workshop in Richmond Hill to qualify
her to be an assistant MONTESSORI teacher. Her co-op placement would like to
hire her for the summer afterwards.  She hopes to continue by going back to
school in September to become a Montessori teacher.  I just wanted to let
you know that Kathy has fond memories of working with the horses and I
appreciate all the work you put in to help Kathy be a stronger person!
Hopefully one day we can come visit.  Until then, give all the horses a big
hug from us, especially Camilla!
Take Care,


Success Story #4

My first session at the Healing with Horses Farm was an experience I could never have imagined. I started by grooming the horse that was chosen for me. It was not scary but surprisingly comforting and calming. Being so close to a horse for the first time made me realize their great strength and gentleness. After a while I found myself not afraid but resting my head against this wonderful animal. By the end of the time working in therapy with Magnum I had the most surprising and empowering experience. This horse with a race track history who never seemed to stand still, stopped beside me and with one hand on my heart and the other on Magnum's heart. I felt totally at peace with the world and connected with all life. The sensation between us was very strong and left my hands tingling and warm with energy. Michele seemed to know from the start what I needed and was always there to guide and encourage me. I feel a new inner strength and I can't wait until my next session with the gifted two legged and four legged healers. Thank you Michele and Janine for creating such a wonderful healing place for this to be possible.

Gail Kirstein - Participant

Newmarket, ON


Success Story #5 

Dear Michele and Janine,
Thank you so much for your support and  the sharing  of all your wisdom with me. Yesterday was an amazing day! I opened my heart to people again, I started to trust again. I feel like a new me was born again. I am experinecing a feeling of inmense calm and content. I feel that there is only room for the good becuse I let go of the bad feelings and emotions. I learnt to trust myself, I learnt to love and acept myself. I recognize today the amazing person I am, and all the goodness that I am able to share. 
You are doing an amazing  work!
Please give a special pat to Misty and Farley, they were amazingly wise and supportive. I felt so close and connected with them, I will never forget our experience together!

Tricia, Mississauga, ON