Healing with Horses Farm (HwH Farm) Programs and Workshops are fun and combine the wisdom of the horse as teacher and the skills and experience of the facilitator.


Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) first and foremost expands nonverbal awareness. Internet relationships, computer games, cell phones encourage excessive reliance on language and surface appearances. Modern humans are literally mesmermized by words, yet psychologists have determined that less than 10 percent of communication is verbal. 

Horses help people to learn their nonverbal cues, unconscious behavior patterns, and the emotional import and intent of their words and actions. With the HwH Farm approach we teach people to understand and to use the information behind their emotions. What would our world be like if we learned to use the information our emotions contained instead of suppressing them or acting them out? Horses help people to get out of their own way by requiring them to be present to the moment and not to rely on their outdated thought patterns or opinions. 


No matter whether your a child, young adult, individual, couple, family or group engaging with horses allows people to experience peace, joy and pure relationship with a non human being.  As horses hold very deep emotions for people, they are the perfect medium to help people reconnect. It is much safer to explore our relationship with a horse than another human being. They offer unconditional support and love to people without judgment. This starts the process of trusting self and others. 


The HwH Farm Team provides individual sessions, family, couple and group workshops in a safe, beautiful and healing environment with horses under the close supervision of facilitators Janine Castelane and Michele Mihalik.  Sessions and workshops take place in the barn, arena, conference centre and paddocks as well as on the open land surrounding the barn (weather permitting). Individual sessions consist of 1.5 hours and workshops run from 1 to 3 days (6-8 participants in workshops). Workshops can be customized upon request to suit your group's goals and desired theme.


HwH Programs - Maximizing Results for each Participant. Though we offer individual sessions and multi  date workshops it is highly recommended to think of the process as a Program over a 30-90 Day period   - depending on the needs of the individual, couple or family. If you and or the participants are dealing with trauma, health or mental disorders, ongoing family issues or a breakup, etc., the time spent at the Healing Horse Farm becomes a regular weekly or bi weekly event that the participants really look forward to and enjoy so it can make a major difference in the participants day to day life and goals - each situations needs the appropriate amount of time to maximize results. The Healing Horse Farm offers significant savings in costs (15-30%)  if you commit to a customized 30--90 Day Program that can include individual, family or group sessions or workshops - we tune each HwH Program to your exact needs and budget.


HwH Farm Programs begin the process where individualized goals are set, a plan is developed and progress is monitored as the horses lead the person to a more authentic and fulfilled life. We have created an environment of safe, sacred and non-judgmental space. You are given many opportunities to experience different activities with the horse and horse related activities. The therapy works because you are participating with the horse. It is a process through which individuals gain knowledge, acquire skills and enhance values from direct experience. The wisdom of the horse as teacher and the skills and experience of the facilitator create a safe place to make positive change. This gives you the opportunity to create new responses and let go of old reactions.


People learn best through direct experience. We prepare people for leadership and teamwork by facilitating highly interactive and engaging learning experiences using horses. Horses are highly intuitive in their leadership and team assessments due to their prey nature. The HwH Farm is for adolescents and adults, families, and groups including corporate teams with a focus on team building. HwH Farm  is a place where individuals can come to work through personal issues or reconnect and get excited again about life. Our corporate program is designed to encourage team spirit, leadership skills and it offers opportunity for corporate groups to develop strategies towards the achievement of common goals. 


Youth Programs. Many of our programs/workshops are a wonderful fit for young people no matter whether the challenges are physical, family oriented, low self-esteem, eating disorders, etc.,. Our youth programs offer an opportunity to find direction, awaken creativity, build self-confidence, and live more self assured in the moment. It's about creating healthy boundaries and having fun while doing it.

You will be truly amazed at the gifts the horse will share with you. They mirror where you are presently in your life, then show you what you need to learn and give you the opportunity to create positive change in your life. The warmth and support of the horse's heart wave is life changing.


The HwH Farms Team believes confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Anything that takes place in an individual session or group workshop is held with respect and complete confidentiality. If an individual chooses to speak of their personal experience they are free to do so, we believe free expression is vital to sustaining healthy, all-round growth.