Our Mission Statement.

To offer people of all ages and abilities, ethnicity and spiritual backgrounds a safe place to come and explore their full potential. We are committed to support each individual's search to find their own unique way physically, emotionally and spiritually. Thus allowing the horse's healing influence along with the healing properties of honey to help promote positive change offering the best possible outcome.


Our Team - Who We Are


Our, team is comprised of facilitators who are passionate about the natural wisdom of horses and bees and their ability to promote human growth and change. All team members integrate their certification in Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) and the belief that deep self-understanding, and emotional intelligence are key components of happy, successful lives, relationships, and organizations.


After successfully completing the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) program, horse wisdom has become an innovative and proven effective therapy at the Healing With Horses Farm located at Circling Hawk Farm (www.circlinghawkfarm.com) in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Circling Hawk provides an indoor arena, horse stable, healing apiary products, and a modern conference center for workshops and individual consultations.  The Farm offers a safe place for people of all ages, races, spiritual backgrounds to come and explore their full potential. Our wish for all participants to discover their own unique way, and to allow the horses and the bees to influence profound healing and positive change for each individuals ultimate well being.

(Janine and Michele have been working with sound and vibration healing for the past 30 years with their clients. Tools such as crystal and tibetan singing bowls, spirit drums, tuning forks, and rattles. In the past few years they have begun to integrate sound and vibration healing into Yin Yoga classes and in larger gatherings at the farm and other locations. The experience is extraordinary which tends to bring peaceful light to each participant. The sound experience encourages transformational change for wherever the student/participant may be at in their life. We would like to also add the horses love the spirit drums and flutes!)

Janine's deep sense of awareness and clarity in their communication enable those who experience their treatment to get in touch with their own ability to heal. By working together, clients are successfully guided to acknowledge their own personal strengths and learn to manifest this work into their lives.


Janine has studied a number of modalities in traditional and alternative therapies. This includes cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation and yoga instruction, reiki, etheric healing and the mobius technique.


Janine Castelane is the Director of Healing with Horses Farm where she is a Facilitator of Equine Healing, (FEEL) Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning. Janine and Michele Mihalik have created the Healing With Horses Farm Project. Janine also teaches Yoga and is a Holistic Energy and Hands on Health Practitioner.

Animals and nature opened Janine's eyes at a very young age. When Janine was 5 years old she experienced her first heart connection with a horse. She discovered she had special gifts of intuition and healing ability early on and experienced a spiritual revelation at the age of 15. When Janine was seventeen she began to dream of helping humanity in some way, and so the seed was planted.

Janine brings 22 years of experience to her clients and students. Her love and appreciation of the human spirit has led her to study and delve deep into the many pathways of nurturing the body mind and spirit in a safe and caring environment. Janine encourages her students and clients to enter into their life practice with love and respect for their uniqueness and to set free negative thoughts so that they may be able to connect in the moment and breathe. Also to appreciate all experiences as valuable tools for learning.

What Janine loves most about working with people is the 'opening of the heart' experience that each and every human being has the opportunity to discover and experience in their own individual way. She is passionate about assisting individuals to connect to the positive power within them no matter what the persons physical, emotional or mental ability is. To be part of that process she says is "nothing short of a miracle". With Janine's experience and knowledge that she has acquired throughout the years it has truly made her a gifted educator.

Her experience working with the terminally ill (Doane House Hospice) and with children suffering deep loss through death and divorce (Rainbows Program through York Region School Board) has made Janine  compassionate human being on many different levels.

The many techniques of healing she has studied and life experiences have led her to the horses. All of her skills compliment this facilitation of heart vibration from horse to human. Janine believes in a whole  approach to understanding client symptoms. She weaves a wealth of learned knowledge from current and past disciplines, as well as years of personal hands on experience to assist others in healing themselves.

In the barn Janine offers Intuitive Facilitation to her clients with the horses co-facilitating in the role of Healer and Teacher. In her unique intuitive healing yoga classes Janine assists her students to nurture their body mind and spirits in a safe sacred environment with Asanas, Pranayamas and Meditation.  In the farm clinic she offers Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Intuitive Mobius Technique Facilitation, Meditation Instruction and Etheric Energy Therapy. Janine has co-created the successful healing method, 'Intuitive Mobius Technique', with Michele. Together they integrate this method when working with the horses in session with their clients. The Intuitive Mobius Technique is also used successfully in clinic with clients.

Informally Janine has studied different religious doctrines from Christianity to Native Spiritual Teachings to studying Meditation with The Honourable Phra Jetiyajarn Luangphor Viriyang Sirintharo and his dedicated Buddhist Monks, (who continue to this day leading the Meditation Project for World Peace). Janine has experienced traditional Native Sweat Lodges and Vision Quests, has travelled to Thailand to live at the Temple (Wat Dhammamongkol) in Bangkok and experienced a pilgrimage of walking meditation in the low lying mountains with 700 other meditation teacher graduates.

Janine has studied many different ways and she has simply brought them together as an essence that she is able to communicate no matter what 'technique' she is using. Janine is honoured and truly grateful that her journey has led her to work with the horses in the FEEL Program at the Healing with Horses Farm.

Michele Mihalik, as owner of Circling Hawk Farm with her husband Gregg Scott provide the facilities for Healing with horses.

Michele and Gregg are a native born Torontonian, yet have spent many years  living in other countries and cultures. As a young girl Michele lived in West Africa, as a teen she lived in France and in her early adulthood she spent time living and exploring different parts of the world. This movement through different cultures and countries gave Michele the opportunity to become aware of peoples natural rhythms. She has always found people to be fascinating and perplexing in their reaction and behaviors to different situations. What made one person react with joy and the other person react with anger in the same situation. She remembers as a young girl sitting in the local market observing two women arguing over who was going to set out their goods here or there. She watched in fascination as the exchange went from high loud energized arguing with spikes of energy flinging in all directions to laughter and friendly banter of gentle flowing rhythms of energy and then centering peacefully in a place to sell their goods. This in itself was fun to watch but what really stuck with her is when she went back to the market the next week, guess what? These two ladies were dancing the same dance of who was going to set up where.


With the desire to understand human behaviour and our ability to repeat patterns over and over again Michele started her studies. She has a B.A. in Sociology with an understudy in psychology and is a Registered Massage Therapist. Michele then branched out into the alternative healing arts. She has studied and graduated from schools of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Etheric Healing, Acupuncture, is a Reiki Master, Yoga teacher and a Meditation Instructor and Intuitive Mobius Technique Facilitator. Michele has co-created the successful healing method the Intuitive Mobius Technique with Janine, they integrate this method when working with the horses in session with their clients. The Intuitive Mobius Technique is also used successfully in clinic with clients and in the Yoga studio with the yoga students. Michele has informally studied different religious doctrines from Christianity to Native teachings to help her in her understanding of human nature. Through her training and studies with the Buddhist Monks she has found her way to walk in balance and flow on the middle path, to bring body, mind and soul into a place of peace and balance with ebb and flow for a happy life.


Michele has worked in the healing profession for over 20+ years. Through the integration of all the different modalities of healing she has studied and her passion to help people find their healing path, she integrates her knowledge to help people find their way to peace, balance and happiness. Healing is not an end, it is a journey. Michele feels that if one has the tools to help on the journey then one can enjoy the walk instead of feeling lost, confused or alone. The journey is about choosing how to walk in one's life, not about being pulled along out of control. Michele knows if we have the ability to see life and situations with clarity we can then choose to walk with clarity, grace and ease.

Gregg is the head Apiarist (beekeeper)  at Circling Hawk Farm and also a Professional Engineer. Gregg looks after most of the traditional farming operations including the apiaries, the buildings, and the haying operations.


It is through time spent with the horses and being in their incredible presence that led Michele and Janine to develop the Healing With Horses Farm project. Michele and Gregg are excited about adding Horse Wisdom along with other farm life and work at Circling Hawk Farm. Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) is a gentle, caring, healing modality that allows people to find their way on their path in balance, peace and healing through the power and wisdom of the Horse.